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The items in "Preorder" or ("Pre-order") have a delivery date greater than 1-3 working days and may take several months if they are future releases.

It is not possible to place orders containing mixed stock items and preorders or combine them for shipping.

Orders for items reserved with a deposit are handled in block. They are paid for and shipped when all items are available and cannot be separated. If you would like more flexibility for partial shipments, please place multiple orders.

The release dates indicated on the website are estimates and are subject to change by distributors and manufacturers, that is, they are not exact and there may be delays or advances. They are updated on our website once the initially given deadline has expired or if the distributor updates them. If you have any questions about the availability of your preorder, please check the item page for more information.

We are not responsable for cancellations or delays of preorder items, as they depend on them and unfortunately are not always fulfilled.

We do not work with or have direct contact to the manufacturers, only the European distributors who perform this function and provide us with the products. This means that we have no additional information about the future release of items or the release date, other than what we show on the website. Once the distributor notifies us that the item is available and received in our warehouse, we inform the customer within 48 hours.

The release dates indicated in the publicity images provided by the manufacturers usually refer to their release in Japan or the USA, arriving in Europe later. This means that even if you see pictures of the items on social media it does not necessarily mean that they have been distributed in Europe as they may take months to reach us.

We do not report delays in the release dates of items as there may be several delays and it is not always possible to give estimates of these. Only contact customers in the event that the manufacturer reports a final cancellation, in which case a full refund will be given. In order to avoid confusion, we will only inform you when we have the items in warehouse.

A minimum deposit of 50% or the full amount, depending on the item, is required for the reservation of preordered items. The amount of the deposit will be indicated in the article's section.

If you have chosen to pay the reservation by bank transfer, the deposit must be received within 5 calendar days or the order may be cancelled.

The amount paid as a reservation or deposit is part of the total payment, so before shipment only the rest must be paid.

Once the customer has been informed by email that the orders (or combination of orders) are available, they must be paid and shipped within 30 calendar days. We reserve the right to cancel available orders that are not paid and shipped before that deadline due to unavailability or refusal of the customer. The availability or price of orders cancelled for exceeding the shipping time will not be guaranteed.

When an item is purchased in preorder, we request it from the distributor and sometimes it is exclusively for the customer. An item ordered exclusively for the customer, which we have no intention of storing, may not be cancelled or returned unless it has obvious factory defects or is sent by mistake on our part.

Paid orders will be shipped at the time all items included are available in our warehouse. If an order has preorder items with different release dates, shipping will be delayed until all are available. If the customer wants to make 2 shipments for the same order, he will have to pay the amount of an additional shipment.

Once they have been received at our facilities, the preorder items paid will be sent within a maximum period of 7 calendar days.

When a customer cancels a preorder unilaterally we reserve the right to cancel their future purchases of preorder items. The amount paid as a deposit for the reservation of the preorders will not be refunded.

When a customer places an order containing an item marked "Preorder" he accepts the conditions expressed above.